With our proven GTSuper Roots Systems you can plant your favorite trees & shrubs during the summer and the fall, and in some states, during the winter. Basically, GTSuper Roots System is a proven method for planting any time of the year. Each plant has been carefully grown in a container for at least one year. When you place an order, we carefully remove the plant from the container, then wrap the entire root system (with most of the the dirt intact) into a wax coated paper, then with plastic to ensure stability and hydration during transit. Your new trees & shrubs will not have any trouble acclimating to their new home. Just follow the enclosed instructions and watch them grow.


GTSuper Roots System

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Kwanzan Cherry Tree GT
From $27.99
Paw Paw Tree
From $14.99
Hybrid Chestnut Tree
From $28.99
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Minnesota Mock Orange GT
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Sweet Mock Orange GT
From $25.99
Okame Cherry Tree GT
From $24.99 $59.99
Black Gum Tupelo Tree
From $13.99
Sugar Maple Tree
From $8.99
Sweet Shrub
From $24.99
Common Witchhazel GT
From $27.99
Buttonbush GT
From $28.99