Storage & Care For Plants Before Planting

Storage & Care For Plants Before Planting

Did you know that if proper care is taken, storing your new trees and shrubs before planting is super easy?

If you received dormant trees or shrubs, they can be stored for up to two months before being planted.

We know you're busy, so no matter what life throws at you, follow these few steps to ensure your plants will be ready to plant when you are. 

Bare Root:

If you need up to 1 week before planting, the packing that your plants arrived in will be fine for storage. Remove the tie around the plastic to allow air flow in and so that you can add a little water every few days. Do not over saturate. Less is more. Plant bare-root when the weather is still crisp. It's better to have them established when the seasons change. 

If you need up to two months, you can do two things

  1. Keep them dormant by placing them in a bucket or pot with 2-3" of moist dirt/media, in a cool dark environment. A shed, garage basement, cellar etc. are all idea locations during colder months. Do not allow them to receive any sunlight and do not allow the roots to freeze. Keep them at 34° - 45° F.  Keep the roots moist but not saturated. Saturated roots will rot and then become mushy. 
  2. You can heel them into loose dirt/mulch in your garden. This can be tricky if they break dormancy. If they do break dormancy, you will want to keep the roots covered with the surrounding dirt/mulch while transplanting to a prepared location. You can achieve this by scooping them up with a shovel. 

Temperature is most important for the survival of your bare-root plants

  • The ideal temperature range is 34° - 45° F
  • If kept in a location that’s below 25° F, freeze damage can stunt its growth rate in the spring and summer. 
  • If kept in a location that’s 55° F or warmer, your tree will spring out of dormancy and awake ready for spring. 
  • The occasional night below freezing or day of sunny 60°-62° weather won’t be harmful in late winter. 

GTSuper Roots: 

Our proven GTSuper Roots system are designed for success. No matter which season you receive them, they are ready to plant. If you need a few days, the same rules as above apply. Keep your plants hydrated with plenty of air flow. Do not over-water. 

Also remember, if your ground is not frozen and per your region, the last freeze has passed, it is time to plant your bare-root trees and plants. 

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