Why Bare Root?


Why purchase bare root plants and trees vs container grown?

Bare root plants are sold dormant, and without a container or soil. They may not look like much, yet they are every bit as viable as container grown plants. Often, they are a better option overall. With proper care, bare root plants will deliver spectacular results. Let’s dig in!

Out of the box, bare roots will have less fibrous roots, which is fine. With a little care (following planting instructions) before planting, you can ensure that your plants will begin growing new roots within days of planting. Most bare root plants have been field grown for at least a year before harvest. They are dug individually, cleaned, and kept in a refrigerated storage unit. They are not frozen, despite popular belief. Freezing exposed bare roots can be very harmful, and so it is not an industry practice.

Want to know a secret? Most of the root system is pruned before shipping. Yes, you read that right. Before shipping, the roots are pruned. All farmers and master gardeners know to thoroughly prune roots before planting to ensure maximum growth. Small root systems do not mean that the plant is dead. Because all these things are done, the plant will not suffer as much transplant shock after planted.

Who doesn’t like easy? Planting bare roots is much easier than planting container plants. They weigh less, the root systems are not as messy, and you don’t have to dig a really large hole. Always follow the instructions and remember that less is more. Over watering dormant plants can be detrimental to their survival. Unless there are extreme drought and/or heat conditions, over watering is not recommended for bare root plants.

We all love variety, right? In addition to economical and ease of planting, buying bare root often gives you access to larger varieties through online retailers specializing in bare roots.

The facts. There are times when bare root plants fail to break dormancy. It doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong and it doesn’t mean that the plant was defective. These things just happen. Most reputable companies offer competitive guarantees on their plants, and with the low cost of shipping of bare roots, the replacement won’t be terribly expensive or difficult to replant.

If you have patience and the time to invest in bare root trees and plants, in just a few short weeks, you should see new growth as they break dormancy followed by an explosion of growth, color and years of joy. The reward is totally worth it!

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