Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does “bare-root” mean?

A: Bare-root trees, shrubs and plants are shipped without soil or a container around the root systems. They are dug up by hand after they have went dormant. They will not have a large root system like a container plants, this is completely normal. Bare-root trees, shrubs and plants are often small in stature, with small root systems. Sometimes they are dug just before shipping and sometimes they are kept in a cold storage facility until they are ready to be shipped. Bare-root planting is a popular method for home gardeners as they make planting much easier and less expensive than container and ball/burlap planting. 

Q: What is the GTGSuper Roots System?

A: GTSuper Roots System is a proven method for planting any time of the year. We carefully place the entire root system with the dirt intact into a specially designed burlap bag for easy planting. These biodegradable bags are specifically designed for our trees. They are sturdy enough for shipping, yet delicate enough to plant right into the ground.

Q: What does Deciduous mean?

A: A deciduous plant loses its leaves in the fall (goes dormant) and grows new ones in the spring. 

Q: How are your trees measured?

A: We measure from root to tip. Not the dirt or graft line. 

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Shipping times vary depending on seasons. We usually ask that you allow us 3-5 business days to process, pack and then ship your order. During peak season this could be 5-7 business days. Typically we ship packages by Priority Mail via the USPS. For smaller packages we ship First Class Mail via USPS. Shipping transit times vary depending on several factors that are beyond our control. We offer no guarantees regarding transit times. We do provide tracking info via the email address that was provided when the order was placed. 

Q: What if I never received my order?

A: Contact us immediately. All our packages are issued tracking numbers. We’ll help you find it or we will replace it. 

Q: How do I know if my tree is still dormant and not dead?

A: A simple scratch test will help you determine this. Gently scratch the outer layer of the bark with a coin or your thumb nail. If it appears green in color, give it a few more weeks to break dormancy. If it is brown, contacts us via email info@greenthumbsgarden.com

Q: What if my plants don't have a lot of roots?

A: All trees, shrubs and plants have different and unique root systems. Some have long central leaders, while other do not. Some have a lot of tap roots, while others do not. Some have a lot of fibrous roots, while others do not. 

Q: What if my roots are cracked or crooked?

Q: Why are there holes in my leaves? 

A: While we do strive to bring you only the best specimens, Mother Nature can take her toll during the growing season. We do our best to treat every plant that we grow, however, we will not run the risk of over saturating our trees, shrubs and the environment with too many chemicals. Leaves are not permanent, they will fall off, new leaves will grow back from season to season. This does not change the viability of your new plants.  

A: Broken or cracked roots do not hurt the plant.  

Q: I’ve determined that I need a replacement. Do I have to return my plants for a free replacement?

A: No, you will need to email us with your full name, address, order number, a brief description, a valid phone number, a brief description and photos to info@greenthumbsgardern.com Someone will call you within 7 business days to make replacement arrangements. We will only replace the item(s) that failed to break dormancy. The replacement shipping cost is $7.95 per packageThe replacement must be requested within 90 days of receipt. No exceptions. 

*We only allow one replacement per item.

*Replacement items requested after a shipping season can only be replaced in the next planting season. If you received them in spring, then we will replace them in the fall. If you received them in the fall, then we will replace them in the spring. 

Q: Can I get a refund for items that failed to come out of dormancy?

A: Yes, however, the items that have failed to break dormancy must be returned to us. We will not accept photos. We do not refund the shipping charges that you incur when returning the items, or the original shipping charges paid at the time of purchase. When returning the items, please use the smallest box or envelope possible to keep these charges manageable. All requests must be reviewed for accuracy. The refund must be requested within 30 days of receipt. No exceptions.  Additional emails and / or messages pertaining to your request may cause delays. Once received, allow 7 – 10 days for processing. 

Q: Why is there mold on my plants.

A: We use a super absorbent gel that can resemble mold. This material keeps the roots on your plants hydrated while in transit. It’s harmless to your plants. Simply rinse your roots before soaking them. .

Please note, a few factors may cause mold to become present while in transit. Humidity and varying temperatures can cause mold. This does not affect your plants. This is a surface mold that can be easily washed off.

Q: Why is your grass seed not eligible for replacements or refunds? 

A: Due to climate, existing lawn conditions, human error, pests, pets and factors that our beyond our control, we can’t guarantee it to grow.

Q: Why are the roots on my trees/plants dry? Are they dead?

A: This is not a problem for young bare-root trees. Bare-roots that sustain too much water can be harmful to young trees/plants. We only water when necessary. If the roots are flexible, your trees/plants are fine. Follow the planting instructions provided. We always recommend soaking bare-roots for at least 2 hours prior to planting.

Q: I’m unable to get through to you by phone. What should I do?

A: Please email us and leave a detailed message, your name, order number and a return phone number, someone will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We are a locally owned family business, while we strive for excellence, sometimes during peak season you can expect lengthy wait times. Email replies are typically within 24 hours. info@greenthumbsgarden.com

Q: Can I add an item(s) to my existing order?

A: Yes, however, you will have to pay for the item(s) via a separate invoice. In order to protect you and preserve your privacy, we do not store any type of payment information that you used to place the original order. 

Q: My Persimmon tree didn't come with many roots, is this normal? 

A: Yes. All trees and plants are unique. In fact, no two are alike. Some root systems grow straight down with very few fibrous roots, while others spread horizontally with many fibrous roots. Some only have a central leader with very few roots, to none at all. The lack of fibrous roots does not indicate an unhealthy specimen.