We will replace item(s) that failed to break dormancy. The replacement shipping cost is $7.99 per package. Please note that we only allow a one time replacement per item. The replacement must be requested within 60 days of receipt. If your item was shipped dormant (during he winter/spring) and failed to break dormancy by June 1st, we will guarantee it outside of the 60 day notification period. You will need to contact us by June 1st. You must send proof. Please include pictures. 

We do not keep credit card numbers or any type of payment information on file. We will send you an invoice for the shipping charges. The replacement order will be processed once payment is received. Please ask about store credit. 

We do not handle replacements via the phone. We will process your request and get back to you as quickly as we can. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Incorrect items, shortages, unhealthy/damaged items must be reported within 3 days of receipt. If you feel the items are not viable, you must explain why you feel this way. You must send proof. Please include pictures. Withered leaves and "small" roots systems do not qualify. All plants, shrubs and trees have different and unique root systems. Some have long central leaders, while other do not. Some have a lot of tap roots, while others do not. Some have a lot of fibrous roots, while others do not. Broken, crooked or cracked roots do not hurt the plant.

While we do strive to bring you only the best specimens, Mother Nature can take her toll during the growing season. We do our best to treat every plant that we grow, however, we will not run the risk of over saturating our trees, shrubs and the environment with too many chemicals. Leaves are not permanent, they will fall off, new leaves will grow back from season to season. This does not change the viability of your new plants.  

Before requesting a refund, credit or replacement, please perform a scratch test to ensure there is green visible under the bark. If you see green, then the item is fine. Please follow the instructions and plant them. Seasonal items that are out of stock will be replaced in the next season for shipping. 

If your items are damaged during transit, please email us and we will send you replacements. 

Planting damaged items will void this agreement. Contact us immediately with any concerns.

Please email us with your full name, address, order number, a valid phone number a brief description and photos to

Someone will email you within 7 business days to make replacement arrangements.


We do not offer refunds on items that have been planted. We are not responsible for what happens once a plant has been placed in the ground, there are too many variables.

We guarantee items to arrive in good condition. If you are unhappy with your order, please email or call us within 36 hours of receiving your items if there is a problem. The item(s) will have to be returned in order to receive a refund. Planting them will void this return offer. 

Items that have failed to break dormancy are eligible for a replacement only. See above. We do not refund the shipping charges that you incur when returning the items, or the original shipping charges paid at the time of purchase.  

Wholesale Items:

Wholesale items are not eligible for refunds or replacements. The items priced below retail value are assumed wholesale purchases. They are sold, "AS IS", and are not covered under our guarantee. 

Third Party Shipping:

If you are purchasing our products, and reselling them using us as the drop-shipper, your items are not covered under any of our guarantees. We will not replace the items, for any circumstances. You assume all the liability, including shipping delays, damages and losses. There will be no exceptions. 


Gift Cards:

Gift cards are non-refundable. No exceptions. 


*** Due to climate, existing lawn conditions, human error, pests, pets and factors that our beyond our control, ALL Grass seed is not covered by our guarantee. GRASS SEED IS PURCHASED **AS IS - ALL SALES FINAL**