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Storage & Care For Your Plants Before Planting

Did you know that if proper care is taken, storing your new trees and shrubs before planting is super easy. If you received dormant trees or shrubs, they can be stored for up to two months before being planted.

We know you're busy, so no matter what life throws at you, follow these few steps to ensure your plants will be ready to plant when you are. 

Bare Root: If you need up to 1 week before planting, the packing that your plants arrived in will be fine for storage. Remove the tie around the plastic to allow air flow in and so that you can add a little water every few days. Do not over saturate. Less is more. Plant bare-root when the weather is still crisp. It's better to have them established when the seasons change.....

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We are locally owned and locally grown. Located in beautiful Warren County TN, the Nursery Capitol of the country!

We choose only the finest locally grown specimens to ensure that our customers receive nursery grade products delivered right to your door! We're building our nursery and our site, one collection at a time. Check in often too see what's new or join our mailing list. If there is something in particular you are looking for, or you are interested in wholesale purchases, drop us an email! We may have everything you're looking for!