Bare root plants are sold dormant, and without a container or soil. They may not look like much, yet they are every bit as viable as container grown plants. Often, they are a better option overall. With proper care, bare root plants will deliver spectacular results. Choose from a wide variety of bare root trees, shrubs and plants.

Bare Root

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Forsythia Shrub
From $9.99
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Skip Cherry Laurel
From $4.99
Red Crape Myrtle Tree
From $8.99
Pee Gee Hydrangea Shrub
From $8.99
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Sweet Hardy Pecan Tree
From $14.99
American Sycamore Tree
From $12.99
Aphrodite Althea Shrub
From $4.99
Lucy Althea Shrub
From $4.99
Saucer Magnolia Tree
From $11.99
Washington Hawthorn Tree
From $27.99
Black Locust Tree
From $17.99 $39.99